Earn the best fixed APY Staking Rewards in Crypto with

Freeway Lite is now live, offering early adopters the world’s best staking rewards on simulated versions of your favourite crypto and fiat currencies.

Access is open to over 180 countries worldwide with US access on the roadmap for Q4 2021.

*available outside the USA only

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How Superchargers Work

How Do Supercharger Staking Products Work?


Freeway tokenises and simulates crypto and fiat currencies to make the staking rewards available in more than 180 countries worldwide.

  1. Create your Freeway Account
  2. Choose your preferred Supercharger Staking Products
  3. Pay with the permitted cryptocurrency of your choice
  4. Activate your APY rewards with Freeway Token (FWT)
  5. Enjoy your daily compounded rewards
  6. Sell your Superchargers back into the cryptocurrency of your choice whenever you like

Where is Freeway Token (FWT) currently available?


FWT is available on:

PancakeSwap here

UniSwap here

AscendEx (formerly BitMax) here

Bithumb Global here

For more instructions on how to bring your FWT into the platform, follow the prompts inside your Freeway account and check out our ‘How to Stake On Freeway Lite’ video here

How Does Freeway Fund The APYs?


Freeway has multiple revenue sources including fees, the quant-trading of its own funds, the growth of its own assets that grow on every trade, and more. Freeway chooses to redistribute revenues as rewards for users and expects to maintain the generous fixed** APYs for as long as revenue sources allow.

How Do I Create A Freeway Account In Minutes?


Users in more than 180 countries worldwide can create a Freeway account today. It only takes a couple of minutes and all you need is a government ID to pass legally required KYC verification.

Who Is The Team Behind Freeway?


Freeway has a 40+ strong team distributed globally which includes a management and advisor team who have worked at some of the largest financial and technology companies in the world including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Google and more.

Join Freeway’s Telegram community and participate in our weekly AMA with Founder and Co-CEO Graham Doggart on Tuesdays at 7PM UTC. And check out our video content on our YouTube channel brought to you every week by  Founder and Co-CEO Sadie Hutton.

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·   Founded – October 7th 2017
·   Team, Proof of Concepts and Legal Frameworks – 2019
·   Freeway Token – 2020
·   Supercharger Staking Early Access  – 2021
·   Freeway Lite Dashboard – 2021
·   US Supercharger Staking Early Access – 2021
·   Fully regulated AuBit Prime Brokerage – 3rd September 2021

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·   the AuBit Prime Institutional Portal
·   Metamask Integrations
·   On-platform purchase of FWT
·   The Freeway Lite US Dashboard
·   Automated Staking Rewards
·   Automated Forever Referral Rewards
·   Fiat On Ramps
·   Newly Rebranded Full Website
·   EMI License


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