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If you’re interested in the Freeway token and additional returns from your investments through revenue redistributions, follow the 4 simple steps below…

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2. Buy FWT from either Uniswap, Bithumb Global or Bitmax
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Welcome to AuBit — the digital platform that lets everyone create wealth from the world’s top investment products like stocks, bonds, gold, cryptocurrencies, and more. We are calling it “Social Finance” because it uses the power of network effects, the power of everyone trading together, to generate rewards for everyone involved. AuBit redistributes 80% of network revenues back to investors for asset growth. That is, every time anyone places a trade, 80% of the fees they pay go back into the products. For example, if you buy and hold AuBitised gold, you get more AuBitised gold in your account every time anyone anywhere in the world trades that same product. So you can begin with one ounce of AuBitised gold and, given sufficient time and trading volume, potentially end up with two ounces — without ever paying an extra penny. That’s network growth. Good, isn’t it?


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Introductory films

We have made a few introductory films which you can check out.

Intro to AuBit

AuBit: Transforming Traditional Asset Management

AuBit: #accessforall

Further Reading

We are continuously adding new materials to our library, some of the fundamental articles can be found here.

What is AuBit

What is Pre-Staking and the AuBit VHF?

Eliminating Fees From Finance

"Network effects have revolutionised just about every industry. However, no one has yet used the right tech to leverage their potential in the world of finance, until AuBit."

– Joel Krueger, Chief Investment Advisor, Global CIO at Aon and a former CIO at The Prudential

Introducing the Freeway Trading App

The Freeway trading app lets users sign up for free accounts where they can access AuBit-networked products for greater total returns without additional risk.


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