The first FWT pre-staking pool is full. The second pool will be available for one day on 3rd February 2021

It’s easy, it’s safe, and unlike most other crypto projects,
you’ll receive staking rewards in FPR (Freeway Pre-staking Rewards) — not FWT.

For Full Details See Our FWT Pre-Staking Blog Post

Why you should pre-stake FWT:

Earn a high FPR yield by pre-staking your FWT

At 79.6%*, get a fantastic yield

Choose freely what to do with your FPR token

Enjoy the benefit of AuBit’s partnership with Ferrum — the most trusted staking technology

*Get rewarded 79.6% APY on the FWT you pre-stake

When you pre-stake FWT, assuming a trading price of about $0.004, you will receive an annual percentage yield of 79.6%. Much higher than most staking rewards you’re used to.

Rewards are fixed at $1 FPR per month per 5,000 FWT pre-staked so, if the value of FWT increases before pre-staking, the % APY decreases accordingly. If the value of FWT falls before pre-staking, the % APY you receive will be even higher than 79.6%.

What is FPR (Freeway Pre-Staking Rewards)?

The FPR token simulates network-enhanced and gamified trading of quant trading products within the AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund

This isn’t just any ordinary token. Each FPR token virtually simulates network-enhanced and gamified trading of an initial investment in flagship AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund (AVHF) products prior to their public launch in 2021. Pre-staking FWT for FPR rewards is the ONLY way to gain access until then.

FPR has an agreed minimum 6% simulated return, guaranteed by AuBit's strategic partners. What you do with your FPR is up to you. Leave it to simulate network-enhanced and gamified performance in the AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund, or cash out to USDt, ETH or BTC via the website.

Why FWT Pre-staking Pays in FPR

Projects that offer staking rewards in their native token unwittingly damage the integrity and value of their token economics by increasing selling pressure — a natural byproduct of giving more of their token away. At AuBit, we wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. That’s why we’re providing pre-staking rewards in FPR — not FWT.

The Sooner You Pre-stake, the more you earn in return

Pre-staking rewards are calculated from the point of pre-staking, so the sooner you start, the more staking rewards you will receive.

Over 400 million FWT already pledged for a second pre-staking pool

We received requests to pledge more than 400 million FWT in a second pre-staking pool which will have a 600m cap. With 300 million already pre-staked and the 600m cap filled that would mean 66% of circulating supply as of February 4th 2021 would be pre-staked.

More Updates Soon

For Full Details See Our FWT Pre-Staking Blog Post


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