December 9, 2020

Graham Doggart345

Ranked as one of the top experts globally on Blockchain and Digital Asset rating sites, I am a founder of AuBit having conceptualised its fundamentals and I specialise in the structuring and packaging of token offerings, working with numerous projects internationally.

My background is a little different. I spent the first 15 years of my career in the UK doing voluntary work covering many areas such as education, human rights & drug abuse awareness, and trauma counselling. I was always looking for ways to help. Being technically and strategically minded and never afraid of jumping into books, policy and regulatory guidelines, I also worked part-time with local business figureheads in the community as a management consultant, especially in regulated industries, digital marketing & fintech. I mainly worked with large IFAs, law firms and wealth management firms to improve client retention and acquisition in the face of widespread regulatory changes.

My responsibilities changed after starting a family in 2014, we went fully digital, moved to Malta, and began consulting full time. In the early part of 2016, I started developing an AI platform to help business owners monitor and improve the customer journey. It was during this period that I took a deep dive into blockchain technology and discovered its potential to unitise wealth generation and open up opportunities to everyone, not just those that could “buy wholesale”.

My unique background suited the emerging space and I pivoted to conceptualise and develop AuBit while actively learning and advising on other projects.

Although I continue to advise in a non-executive capacity with various projects, my focus is as founder and chief product officer of AuBit.

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