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AuBit Freeway Lite​

To prove the AuBitisation model, add utility to the Freeway Token (FWT), and provide loyal community members with early access to High-Yield, *Fixed APY, AuBitised Supercharger Products, AuBit launched the Freeway Lite interface for invite-only access in April 2021.

The brand new Freeway Lite 2.0 with superior UX/UI, fiat on/off ramps, regulated assets, and more launches in summer 2021.

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Watch As Your Network-Enhanced Assets Grow On Every Trade.

Your AuBit product holdings grow every time anyone, anywhere in the world makes a trade. So you can watch your assets grow in real time.


Claim Your Share Of Redistributed Revenues.

AuBit automatically redistributes 80% of transaction fees and product-related revenues back to users. Don’t miss your share.


Manage Your Entire AuBit Portfolio In One Place

The Freeway platform and app makes it easy for you to buy, sell, and manage all of your network-enhanced AuBit assets in one place.


Rapid Big-Tech-Like Mass Adoption

For the network effects to kick in, AuBit may need just a few thousands users to achieve critical network mass — meaning even greater network-enhanced returns for users.


Introducing High-Yield, *Fixed APY AuBitised Supercharger Staking Products

There are five AuBitised Supercharger products now live via Freeway Lite include rewarding *Fixed APY:

Beyond the *Fixed APYs, when you own Supercharged staking products, you’ll also benefit from additional, variable AuBit revenue rewards including referral rewards, product-related revenue rewards, and activity rewards, plus giveaway rewards - more on that below.

To access supercharger products you must match your total Supercharger holdings with at least 25% of their total value in Freeway Token (FWT)

You will need to natively stake 25% of the value of your holding in Freeway Token (FWT) on the Freeway Lite platform to earn 100% of the *Fixed Base APY.
If you stake less than 25%, you will earn lower rewards as a proportion.
FWT that is being held to activate maximum Supercharger staking APY is called “Activated FWT.”
Activated FWT is a factor in the gamification of staking rewards such as getting 5x more entries per FWT in giveaways.

Find out more about how the Superchargers work on AuBit’s Medium blog here.

AuBit Giveaway Rewards

In the UK, the government sells premium bonds. Owners of premium bonds earn no fixed return but do win rewards at random if lucky.
We are doing something similar with Freeway. With Giveaway Rewards, Freeway users will have the chance to win more Superchargers, launchpad token allocations, launchpad tokens, NFTs that increase your activity scores, vouchers and coupons for the Freeway platform, and many more exciting features.
The greater the number of Freeway Tokens you hold in your Freeway account, and the greater your AuBitised Supercharger holdings, the more chances you have to win.

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AuBit rewards holders of Supercharger products with daily compounded rewards for as long as the revenues exist from the revenue sources to justify such rewards. There is no long-term guarantee of return and one or all of the Supercharger products could be subject to changes in staking rewards.
That means that the staking rewards could be lowered or discontinued but If that were to happen, users will be free to move over to alternative Superchargers or cash out to enjoy their handsome fixed-APYs rewards to date.


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