AuBit is a ground-breaking new asset management platform built for greater total returns on the world’s top investment products and asset classes

Simulations show up to 75% additional user gains above the market benchmark could be possible, with no extra risk*.

Built for userS

the AuBit network-enhanced asset management model is designed so user account asset volume grows over time

In traditional asset management, only the price of the asset varies — the volume of assets in your account remains unchanged. With the AuBit network-enhanced model, however, your asset volume grows over time, too, from ongoing trading and service revenue redistributions.

*Simulations are not real-world results and do not guarantee future results. AuBit-networked products are not publicly available at this time and no claims are made regarding actual product performance.

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Growth on Every Trade

The AuBit Network aims to be the first to bring the power of network effects to the finance and asset management sectors

When an AuBit-networked product is traded, 80% of product-related transaction revenues are automatically redistributed back to every product holder.

For example, if you were to hold an AuBit-networked gold bullion product, your gold holdings would increase every time anyone, anywhere in the world, trades that AuBit-networked gold bullion product.

In traditional asset management, the gold in your account would remain unchanged. With the AuBit network-enhanced model, your gold would grow over time as a result of ongoing redistributions of gold-trading revenues, for greater total returns with no extra risk.


redistributed revenues

Exponential Growth through Network Effects

AuBit bridges the old world of finance with the latest DeFi and digital finance tech to dramatically reduce operational costs — allowing for the redistribution of 80% of product-related revenues — and generating additional AuBit-networked growth for its users.

Unlike simply reducing fees, redistributing revenues creates network effects*, opening the door to big-tech-like exponential growth as users could see greater total returns not available anywhere else.

*Network effects occur when increasing user adoption increases the value of the products or services on a platform which in turn causes exponential platform growth.

Facebook and Google combined online social connection and access to instant information with highly targeted paid advertising, Apple monetised its user base with the iPhone, iTunes and the App store.

Network effects have revolutionised just about every industry. However, no one has yet used the right tech to leverage its potential in the world of finance, until AuBit.

— Joel Krueger, Global CIO at Aon and AuBit’s Chief Investment Advisor

Rapid big-tech-like mass adoption

AuBit may need just thousands of users to achieve ‘critical network mass’

Big tech generally needed millions of users to reach critical mass. That’s the point at which network effects take hold for exponential growth. Because the AuBit model functions on trading volume rather user numbers, simulations suggest the AuBit network could reach critical mass with just a few thousand users.
aubit accounts

manage all of your AuBit holdings from One Place

Monitor all account and AuBit Product activity through the easy-to-use AuBit Freeway Platform and Freeway Trading App

Potentially game-changing regulatory infrastructure plans for global accessiblity

Having completed $1.3m in previous equity rounds, the team has been working on special regulatory structures that if successful, will allow for global user access to AuBit-networked products in 180+ countries — including where access is needed the most.


The $89 trillion USD asset management industry continues to grow each year but hasn’t changed in decades. Buying assets, like gold, stocks and bonds, has never been efficient, seamless and fully accessible to everyone. AuBit seeks to change that.

The Freeway Trading App alpha-test is planned for November TO A VERY LIMITED SET OF INITIAL USERS

If you would like to participate in the Alpha, please register your interest.


Weekly Project Updates

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AuBit’s management team and advisors have worked at some of the largest financial and technology companies in the world including Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Fidelity, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Google, and The Prudential.

AuBit has not sought permission for using the above third-party trademarks (including logos and icons) which remain the property of their respective owners. Their use does not indicate any relationship, sponsorship, or endorsement between AuBit and the owners of these trademarks. All references by AuBit to third party trademarks are intended to constitute descriptive fair use under applicable trademark laws to describe the AuBit management and advisor team members’ past employment positions at corporate entities controlled by the owners of these trademarks and are used for informational purposes only. For more information, see



Founder & co-CEO

Conceptualised & developed AuBit; an economic systems architect ranked as a top FinTech expert globally. 

Sadie Hutton

Founder & co-CEO

Codified AuBit’s structures & architecture; A specialist in establishment, management, and processes with 20 years in senior leadership roles.

Peter Neilson

Founder & Director

A successful entrepreneur with a number of successful exits in telecoms and natural resources.

Joel Krueger

Chief Investment Advisor

A former Prudential and Aon executive, who set up and managed Prudential’s USD 75 billion APAC portfolio.

Robert Atkin

Chief Information Officer

Multi-award winning designer of leading edge fintech platforms utilising deep AI, IoT, blockchain and payments integration tech.

Mark Kearns

Chief Operating Officer

An international operations development specialist, formerly Unilever, Carlsberg, and Danone.


Sam Volkering

Chief Brand Ambassador

Researcher at Southbank, and author of Crypto Revolution and Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money

Joachim Godet

Capital Markets Advisor

An M&A and capital markets adivsor, formerly at Deutsche, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Lazard & Co.

Cal Evans

Regulatory compliance counsel

Leading regulatory lawyer who has worked with FCA, Bank of England, Dubai and Malta to shape digital asset licensing.

Matt Oxborrow

Lead Copy Strategist

Former leading content writer and strategist for Agora Financial with extensive experience in FinTech marketing.

Corey Billington

lead community advisor

Fintech & blockchain community manager and strategist, formerly Celsius, and Agrichain.

Bradley townsend

strategic partnerships advisor

Sales and marketing professional, specializing in in business development, growth and scale-up strategies for young businesses.

GP Worrell

UX/UI and Design Advisor

Veteran fintech UX/UI architect and visual design expert. Formerly Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley.

Tony Lundon

lead media strategy advisor

Leading media content director with projects recognised at the Digiday Media Awards Europe and CIPR Awards.

daniel lacalle

chief economics advisor

A top 10 global economist (with a PHD in Economy), best-selling author, and CIO at Tressis Gestión and formerly at PIMCO.


Project Founded

Founders start the project

The name is chosen, Au as the chemical symbol for gold and Bit to denote our digital focus, combined AuBit, to mean the gold standard in digital finance.

Ideation and Proof of Concept building begins

October 2017

Ideation and Legal Viability

Legal work begins regarding regulatory considerations.

Core Team and Advisors Added

Ideation, Refinement and Development continue


Early Seed Equity Round, Pre-Alpha Versions Developed

$1m Early Seed Equity Round Completed

Proof of Concept Developed


Project Announced, Late Seed Equity Round, Main Development and Regulatory Infrastructure

AuBit Freeway Platform and Freeway Trading App Developed

Regulatory and Corporate Infrastructure Finalised

Cryptoasset Entity Registered with the UK FCA

$1.5m Late Seed Equity Round


Q4 2020 Roadmap Items (subject to change)

AuBit Chain Testnet

Private Alpha

Q4 2020

Q1 2021 Roadmap Items (subject to change)

Invite-only beta

Public beta

AuBit Chain Mainnet

Q1 2021

Q2 2021 Roadmap Items (subject to change)

AuBit-Networked Product 3rd Party Trading Venue API Released

Q2 2021

Q3 2021 Roadmap Items (subject to change)

AuBit Network Partner Protocol

Q3 2021

Q4 2021 Roadmap Items (subject to change)

AuBit Network Opened to 3rd Party Brokers, Asset Managers, Custodians and Trustees

Q4 2021


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