About AuBit

Bridging from the old world of finance to the new

Bringing Network Effects To Finance For The First Time

AuBit is a brand new asset management platform that ‘networks’ the world’s top financial products like gold, stocks, bonds and crypto for greater total returns with no additional risk.

The old world of finance is fee-heavy and one-sided

The $89 trillion asset management industry continues to grow each year but hasn’t changed in decades. It’s inaccessible for a lot of the world and fees suck the returns out of investor accounts. So we built a brand new asset management platform to change that.

"Network effects have revolutionised just about every industry. However, no one has yet used the right tech to leverage their potential in the world of finance, until AuBit."

– Joel Krueger, Chief Investment Advisor, Global CIO at Aon and a former CIO at The Prudential

Every Tech Unicorn

According to a study by NFX, almost every tech unicorn in the last 23 years — such as Apple, Google, Spotify, Uber, AirBnB and Dropbox — can attribute 70% of their value to Network Effects. AuBit is the first in the world to bring the power of the network effect to finance for the benefit of all investors.


AuBit tokenizes financial assets to redistribute 80% of network revenues back to users

Tokenization is the future of finance. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will be stored and transacted via distributed ledger technology by 2027.

By a conservative estimate, that would mean tokenization markets could be worth $24 trillion per year.

By tokenizing financial assets, AuBit is able to remove expensive middle-men and automatically redistribute 80% of network revenues back to users creating network-enhanced asset growth.

Access For All

More than half the global population hold less than 2% of global wealth.

What’s more, 1.7 billion adults globally are unbanked, which inhibits their ability to invest and accumulate wealth.

Tokenization has the power to reduce global wealth disparities by giving everyone in the world access to capital markets.

AuBit exists to accelerate that process. AuBit envisions a world where everyone has equal access to the world’s top investment products from as little as just $1 — no matter where they’re from, what they earn, or where they live.

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